Location based portraiture for families, children, individuals, or couples. Any Location. Any time of year.

Why chose a location portrait session?
It's often said to me that people feel far more comfortable in the great outdoors or their own home as opposed to a mundane studio environment. The pictures taken on location will say so much more about you and your family; they capture a moment in time that will tell a story, something that you can look back upon for years to come.

On location, the sessions will capture a series of natural, spontaneous moments mixed with formal imagery that produce a variety of images that you will treasure forever. The sessions can be held at any time of year, and at any agreed location. The options are endless.

Location portraiture sessions last at least an hour, often more, and start from just £25.
There are a range of final product options, including:
wall-art (canvas prints, box frames etc)
high resolution digital files
keepsake albums.

For bookings and enquiries please email me via the contact tab or give me a call on: 01440 705850.

How a Location Portraiture session works...
The most productive and straightforward form of location portraiture is to meet at an agreed location where I will use the natural light and environment to capture a wide variety of images.

The sessions usually last between one and two hours, and can involve multiple locations. For example, we could begin at your home and then move onto a suitable local outdoor area. I don't work to a stopwatch; the session ends when either the client has tired (children?) or I believe that I have captured a wide enough variety of images to fulfil your expectations.

Location portraiture sessions are particularly useful for families who wish to gather their entire group together for a memorable event (Grandparents, siblings, Grandchildren etc.). The outdoor environment provides a range of suitable backdrops and is of course far more inviting and enjoyable than being squashed into a studio. Pets are a welcome addition too! I will of course capture all of the relevant groups within the shoot as required. Another key advantage of these sessions is that the costs can of course be more easily shared between the family members.

After the session, the images will be graded, edited and enhanced by me before being displayed in your own private online gallery. After you have had time to savour the images we will need to meet again and discuss the product options available to you.

What to wear / What to avoid!
This is just a simple guide to help you get the best results from your session. It's worth giving consideration to what you will wear as your choice of clothing really can make a big difference to the final look of the images I create. To get the most from your session why not bring a change of clothing, or wear something that can be easily swapped (jumpers / jackets etc). Here's the lists...
What really helps:
Bright colours! Especially for children, red, orange and blues.
Complimentary colours and styles.

What doesn't work so well:
Large logos, brand names.
Some greens.
Dull colours.
Cartoon characters.